Florida Government Salaries/Payrolls

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The United States is one of the few countries to publish the earnings of government employees. We can check how much money a teacher in a public school nearby or a police officer in New York can earn at any time. Usually payrolls are published in the form of csv files, however, this is not the most convenient format for browsing and searching, however there are websites providing convenient search engines.
Today we publish websites containing Florida payrolls:

GovSalaries – Florida Payrolls

Florida Payrolls Govsalaries

One of the largest payroll search engines. It contains over 50 million records and allows you to search employees using multiple filters. We have the ability to check average earnings in government agencies and specific jobs.


Government payroll search engine. It contains fewer records than GovSalaries – it publishes a list of about 20 agencies, while GovSalaries has a list of 3,811agencies.
The advantage of this search engine is additional data such as date of employment, the disadvantage is the lack of a mobile version of the search engine.

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