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Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Credits Open Data Portal for Inspiring Community Solutions to Urban Challenges

0 Comments May 9, 2023

According to Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, when a city provides access to valuable data through an open data portal, it can inspire innovative solutions from the community. During a recent webinar hosted by What Works Cities, an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Gallego stated that an open data portal not only promotes transparency but also encourages […]

Delaware Opens Crash Data Portal for Public Access through Open Data Portal

0 Comments May 8, 2023

Accessing crash data in Delaware has become more user-friendly with the State‚Äôs Open Data Portal. The Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security, in partnership with various state agencies, has created a crash data portal to provide drivers with the information they need to make safer decisions on the road. The dashboard is updated monthly […]

An Upgraded Open Data Portal Unveiled by the City of Bloomington


The award-winning “B-Clear” data portal of the City of Bloomington has been updated, which the city administration is excited to announce. The new version of the data portal has enhanced features for viewing and analyzing data sets, as well as creating visualizations of city data with the help of both in-built visualization tools and external […]