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More than 70 milion public employee salaries in one place!

0 Comments February 24, 2020

While browsing a group of my city on Facebook I found a post in which one of the residents was amazed at how much the officials in our city earn. After entering the site, I discovered that it contains data on earnings in virtually all states! The OpenGovPay website contains as many as 70 million […]

Are government salaries public?

0 Comments January 2, 2020

Yes, they are! One of the largest websites containing information on the salaries of public administration employees is OpenGovPay. We can find there not only information about the earnings of officials, but also salaries of professors at public universities, police officers, teachers, etc. This is because in practice they are also government employees, because they […]

How to check California public employee salaries?

0 Comments December 23, 2019

Transparency is necessary to prevent fraud, waste and abuse in our government. Thanks to the California Public Records Act, we have the opportunity to check how much employees of public institutions earn. One of the biggest websites providing California public pay database is CalSalaries. You can choose from 6 categories: Schools, Counties, State, School Districts […]

How to check H1B Salaries?

0 Comments December 19, 2019

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, allowing companies to relatively cheaply and quickly employ foreigners for positions that are difficult to fill by local candidates. If you’re interested in working in United States and you would like to check how much would you earn you can check it easily on This site retrieves […]

Florida Government Salaries/Payrolls

0 Comments August 14, 2019

The United States is one of the few countries to publish the earnings of government employees. We can check how much money a teacher in a public school nearby or a police officer in New York can earn at any time. Usually payrolls are published in the form of csv files, however, this is not […]